Corvallis City Council 2017-2018 
(First row, from left: Hyatt Lytle, Penny York, Biff Traber, Barbara Bull, Charlyn Ellis. Second row, from left: Roen Hogg, Nancy Wyse, Bill Glassmire, Hal Brauner, Mark Page.)

 Meet Your 2017-2018 Mayor and City Council!

Ward 1: Penny York
Ward 2: Roen Hogg
Ward 3: Hyatt Lytle
Ward 4: Barbara Bull
Ward 5: Charlyn Ellis
Ward 6: Nancy Wyse
Ward 7: Bill Glassmire
Ward 8: Mark Page
Ward 9: Hal Brauner


The Mayor and City Councilors may be contacted by telephone, mail, and e-mail; please be sure to include your telephone number and email when leaving a message.  Please note that all email sent to and from City Staff, the Mayor and City Council is considered public record and is available for inspection by the public.  Email sent to the Mayor and City Council are automatically posted to an online email log.

The Mayor and City Council can also be reached via US Mail at PO Box 1083, Corvallis, OR 97339-1083. Your City Council is here to serve you! Please do not hesitate to contact them with your questions, concerns, and ideas for improving City government. If you're not sure which Councilor represents you, use the City's Ward Map to find out!

The Mayor or a City Councilor is available most Saturdays for the Government Comment Corner, which is held from 10:00 am to 12 noon at the Public Library, 645 NW Monroe.

At its April 6, 2015, the City Council adopted a Code of Conduct and at its September 2, 2014 meeting, the Council adopted the following Guiding Principles for Public Engagement:

* Collaborative Decision Making - Enhance and support community-driven democracy in city government. Ensure that all participants listen and attempt to understand different viewpoints. 

* Diversity – Seek input from all viewpoints, backgrounds, and philosophies. Treat each person with dignity, fairness, and respect. 

* Openness and Respect - Promote fair, open and respectful processes that allow all who are interested or affected to have an equal opportunity to participate. 

* Inclusiveness - Create a variety of ways for community members to participate and influence decisions. 

* Accountability - Use decision-making processes that are transparent and that create decisions that can be tracked with clearly defined responsibilities 


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