Paul Bilotta, Community Development Director

Paul Bilotta
Community Development Director


Community Development Department Services are offered by four divisions:

Administration: Direct the development of the Community Development Department’s work plan to ensure that it achieves City Council Goals and Objectives.

Development Services: Facilitate the construction of approved development projects, provide development information to the public, and enforce community livability standards.

Housing and Neighborhood Services: Facilitate community and neighborhood livability, and to assist with the creation and maintenance of affordable, habitable housing opportunities for lower-income and/or housing disadvantaged Corvallis residents. 

Planning: Facilitate land use planning efforts for the community consistent with State mandates and the Community’s Vision.
Our Mission   
It is the mission of the Community Development Department to facilitate the definition, interpretation and implementation of the community's vision for Corvallis.

We do this by:
  • Administering standards in a balanced, consistent, efficient, professional and timely manner.
  • Exchanging information openly, honestly and respectfully.
Community Development:
  • Is committed to helping the Corvallis community achieve its vision as outlined in the Corvallis 20/20 Vision Statement and by the City Council.

  • Strives to enhance the livability of Corvallis by protecting natural resources and community sustainability while encouraging a healthy economic and business environment.

  • Provides excellent customer service and is focused on building strong partnerships with community organizations, local agencies and individual citizens.

  • Is committed to improving policies and procedures related to development in order to ensure a process that is consistent and objective for individuals and developers alike.
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