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Altmann Hughes, Mary BethHuman Resources DirectorHuman Resources541-766-6902 Email
Amiton, RianSenior PlannerCommunity Development(541)766-6573 Email
Anfilofieff, PavelBuilding Inspector / Plans Examiner 2Community Development541-766-6536 Email
Bagley, KrisSenior Human Resources AnalystHuman Resources541-766-6407 Email
Baily, DouglasTraining Division ChiefFire Department541-766-6943 Email
Balkema, JohnathanBuilding Inspector / Plans Examiner 4Community Development541-766-6582 Email
Barnes, ShastaCirculation SupervisorLibrary541-754-1746 Email
Bates, TimTransit CoordinatorPublic Works, Transit541-754-1761 Email
Bauscher, WillEMS Division ChiefFire Department541-766-6942 Email
Bevens, Chrissy Business AnalystCommunity Development541-766-6547 Email
Bilotta, PaulCommunity Development DirectorCommunity Development(541) 766-6571 Email
Boal, NathanAquatics Pool OperatorAquatic Center, Parks and Recreation(541) 766-6307 Email
Bogdanovic, SharonSenior Center SupervisorParks and Recreation, Senior Center(541)754-1709 Email
Brennan, KathyOffice of the ChiefPolice Department541-766-6925 Email
Brewer, NancyFinance DirectorFinance541-766-6990 Email
Carter, TracyAssistant PlannerCommunity Development541-766-6315 Email
Chavez, AshleeLibrary DirectorLibrary541-766-6910 Email
Cherbas, AndrewExtensions and Technology ManagerLibrary541-766-6792 Email
Chytka, ChelseaRecreation CoordinatorParks and Recreation, Senior Center(541)754-1707 Email
Clark, SaharaHuman Resouces AssistantHuman Resources541-766-6902 Email
Contreras, Julian Financial Services ManagerFinance541-766-6990 Email
Corliss, JohnBuilding Inspector / Plans Examiner 3Community Development541-766-6534 Email
Culver, KristiPermit TechnicianCommunity Development541-766-6528 Email
Curtis, DebraRecreation CoordinatorParks and Recreation(541) 754-1734 Email
Curtis, KatherinePermit TechnicianCommunity Development541-766-6540 Email
DeGhetto, StephenAssistant DirectorParks and Recreation(541) 754-1702 Email
DeMarzo, JoeHousing Program SpecialistCommunity Development541-766-6553 Email
DeWilde, FrankBuilding Inspector / Plans Examiner 3 (Electrical)Community Development541-766-6533 Email
Domrude, JeffBuilding Inspector / Plans Examiner 2Community Development541-766-6551 Email
Dybvad, ScottSustainability Program SpecialistPublic Works541-766-6916 Email
Dyner, DeborahAdministrative Services SupervisorPolice Department541-766-6788 Email
Easton, ToddCode Compliance SupervisorCommunity Development541-766-6545 Email
Emery, KarenDepartment DirectorParks and Recreation(541) 766-6918 Email
Emery, RoyFire ChiefFire Department541-766-6961 Email
Fenner, RobertBuildings and Fleet SupervisorPublic Works541-766-6916 Email
Fischer, MichaelAquatics Program CoordinatorAquatic Center, Parks and Recreation(541) 766-6305 Email
Flemings, PriscillaPermit TechnicianCommunity Development541-766-6549 Email
Flick, CherylBuilding Inspector / Plans Examiner 1Community Development541-766-6581 Email
Franklin, LisaCivil Engineer ICommunity Development541-766-6542 Email
Franzwa, HustinAdministrative SpecialistParks and Recreation(541) 766-6959 Email
Geist, JudeParks SupervisorParks and Recreation(541) 766-6967 Email
Gescher, GregCity EngineerPublic Works541-766-6916 Email
Gordon, CarolCode Compliance SpecialistCommunity Development541-766-6548 Email
Gordon, ChadTransportation Maintenance SupervisorPublic Works541-766-6916 Email
Griesmeyer, HeatherAdministrative SpecialistParks and Recreation(541) 766-6918 Email
Harris, AaronAssociate PlannerCommunity Development(541)766-6575 Email
Hart, LindaSenior Administrative SpecialistParks and Recreation(541) 766-6918 Email
Hart, TedStorm Water Pollution Prevention Program SpecialistPublic Works541-766-6916
Hearn, ShaunCirculation SupervisorLibrary541-766-6960 Email
Hendricks, Jennifer Records SupervisorPolice Department541-766-6937 Email
Hendrickson, DanCaptainPolice Department541-766-6905 Email
Hensley, DavidBuilding Inspector / Plans Examiner 3 (Plumbing)Community Development541-766-6535 Email
Hinkle, JohnParks Operations SpecialistParks and Recreation(541) 766-6597 Email
Holzworth, CarlaCity RecorderCity Manager's Office541-766-6901 ext. 5075 Email
Hubbard, TomUtilities Division ManagerPublic Works541-766-6916 Email
Jackson, LauriePolice Accreditation ManagerPolice Department(541)766-6778 Email
Jacobson, PaulCentral Admin Services ManagerHuman Resources541-766-6963 Email
Johnson, SarahSenior PlannerCommunity Development(541)766-6574 Email
Kelker, JohnWater Operations SupervisorPublic Works541-766-6916 Email
Kelly, KrisInternal Services Division ManagerPublic Works541-766-6916 Email
Kneece, JoelleAquatics Support SpecialistAquatic Center, Parks and Recreation(541) 766-6309 Email
Krieg, TonyCustomer Services - Property Risk ManagerFinance541-766-6990 Email
Larsen, RobBuilding Safety InspectorCommunity Development541-766-6583 Email
Lewis, ShannenLand Use InspectorCommunity Development541-766-6544 Email
Louden, AndyBattalion ChiefFire Department541-766-6470 Email
Manley, AaronDevelopment Review SupervisorPublic Works541-766-6941 Email
McConnell, JeffCapital Projects Engineering SupervisorPublic Works541-766-6941 Email
McGettigan, SteveParks Operations SupervisorParks and Recreation(541) 754-1739 Email
McMillin, AmericaParks Operations SpecialistParks and Recreation(541) 754-1787 Email
Mellein, JamesOsborn Aquatic Center ManagerAquatic Center, Parks and Recreation(541) 766-6300 Email
Metz, CarlAssociate PlannerCommunity Development(541)766-6576 Email
Meyers, PeteParks Lead WorkerParks and Recreation(541) 766-6904 Email
Nelson, TomEconomic Development ManagerCity Manager's Office541-766-6339 Email
O'Connor, MichaelBuilding Inspector / Plans Examiner 3Community Development541-766-6538 Email
Olmstead, LizAssociate PlannerCommunity Development(541)766-6516 Email
Olson, EdwardParks Operations SpecialistParks and Recreation(541) 766-6918 Email
Ordway, JeffParks Maintenance TechnicianParks and Recreation(541) 754-1786 Email
Oulman, TracyHousing & Neighborhoods CoordinatorCommunity Development541-766-6552 Email
Prechel, JeffreyFire MarshalFire Department541-766-6970 Email
Pywell, JonUrban ForesterParks and Recreation(541) 754-1723 Email
Rampenthal, RonWater Distribution SupervisorPublic Works541-766-6916 Email
Reed , Lori Wastewater Operations SupervisorPublic Works541-766-6916
Rob, Carlson Utilities Services Supervisor - Technical ServicesPublic Works541-766-6916 Email
Rochefort, JacquelinePark PlannerParks and Recreation(541) 766-6468 Email
Rollens, PatrickPublic Information OfficerCity Manager's Office541-766-6368 Email
Rouleau, MatthewParks Lead WorkerParks and Recreation(541) 754-1747 Email
Russell, KevinDevelopment Services Division ManagerCommunity Development541-766-6709 Email
Sartnurak, SomkeartTransportation Engineering SupervisorPublic Works541-766-6916 Email
Sassaman, JonathanChief of PolicePolice Department541-766-6925 Email
Scherf, LisaTransportation Services SupervisorPublic Works541-754-1759 Email
Segui, SuzanneHuman Resources AnalystHuman Resources541-766-6902 Email
Shepard, MarkCity ManagerCity Manager's Office541-766-6901 Email
Slater, KhamEngineering Tech III (Grading and Erosion Control)Community Development541-766-6451 Email
Sonnabend, FrankBuilding Inspector / Plans Examiner 3 (Electrical)Community Development541-766-6580 Email
Steckel, MaryPublic Works DirectorPublic Works541-766-6916 Email
Steele, AdamPW Project ManagerPublic Works541-766-6916 Email
Steeves, KristineSr. Administrative SpecialistPolice Department541-766-6925 Email
Still, DaveBattalion ChiefFire Department541-766-6470 Email
Storm, SusanneHuman Resources AnalystHuman Resources541-766-6902 Email
Summerlin, NatalieSenior Administrative SpecialistParks and Recreation, Senior Center(541) 766-6785 Email
Taratoot, MarkWater Conservation Program SpecialistPublic Works541-766-6916 Email
Thornberg, RobertGeneral Recreation CoordinatorParks and Recreation(541) 754-1706 Email
Uhden, FeliciaAccess Services ManagerLibrary541-766-6997 Email
VacantAlternate Modes of Transportation Program SpecialistPublic Works541-766-6916 Email
VacantAirport CoordinatorPublic Works541-766-6916
Voice, JaredSenior PlannerCommunity Development541-766-6450 Email
Voight, StaciFire Administrative Services ManagerFire Department541-766 6953 Email
Ward, JenniferWatershed Program SpecialistPublic Works541-766-6916 Email
Wehrman, DanBattalion ChiefFire Department541-766-6961 Email
Weiss, KentHousing and Neighborhood Services Division ManagerCommunity Development541-766-6555 Email
Wolfe, ChadWastewater/Stormwater Collections SupervisorPublic Works541-766-6916 Email
Yaich, JasonPlanning Division ManagerCommunity Development(541)766-6577 Email
Young, Teresa Court SupervisorFinance541-766-6948 Email