Fire Chief Roy Emery
Roy A. Emery, Chief
Corvallis Fire Department
400 NW Harrison Blvd.
Corvallis, OR 97330


To protect the lives, safety, property, and environment of all persons in the community and surrounding areas we serve; to educate, inform, and enforce life safety with knowledge and fairness; to give the fullest measure of service for the cost.

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 Studies, Reports, Items of Interest

2014 Oregon Fire code
2012-2013 Annual Report
2011-2012 Annual Report
2009 - 2014 Strategic Plan
Corvallis / Albany Consolidation Study
Oregon Fire Code Appendix B Fire Flow Requirements for Buildings
Incident Response Report
OFIA Fire and EMS Training Calendar




  • Chip Ross Park and Timber Hill Park are open. The Shooting Star Trail and Boardwalk are still closed.
  • Until further notice Parks and Recreation has closed the following areas to public access for the safety of the public and crews still working on site: Chip Ross Park, Timber Hill Natural Area, Shooting Star Trail, all other burned areas.
  • Fire crews from the Oregon Department of Forestry and the Corvallis Fire Department will remain overnight on the scene of a large brush fire that occurred on the evening of Friday, September 5,near Chip Ross Park.
  • While the specific cause of the fire is not available for release at this time, investigators are indicating the fire was started through human causes. Investigators are keenly interested in general or specific information about activities that may have been observed in or near the park, near the 29th Street entrance.
Last updated: 7/22/2014 10:10:11 AM