City Manager's OfficeCategoryPhoneFaxE-mail
» City Manager's Office 541-766-6901 541-766-6780Email
City Attorney's Office 541-766-6906  
City Recorder 541-766-6901541-757-6780Email
Employment Inquiries   Email
Human Resources 541-766-6902541-766-6780Email

Community DevelopmentCategoryPhoneFaxE-mail
» Community Development Department 541-766-6981541-766-6936Email
Building Inspections    
Building Permits 541-766-6929541-766-6936Email
Development Services 541-766-6929541-766-6936Email
Housing and Neighborhood Services 541-766-6944541-766-6946Email
Planning 541-766-6908541-766-6936Email
Woodstoves 541-766-6929  Email
Zoning Information 541-766-6929 Email

» Finance Department 541-766-6990541-754-1729Email
Accounts Payable 541-766-6950541-754-1729Email
Accounts Receivable 541-766-6738541-754-1729Email
Ambulance Billing 541-766-6996 541-766-6413Email
Assessments & Liens 541-766-6738541-754-1729Email
Budget 541-766-6990541-754-1729Email
Treasury 541-766-6738541-754-1729 Email
Water / Utility / Service Billing 541-766-6949541-754-1729Email
Web Sites and Services 541-766-6463541-754-1729Email

Fire DepartmentCategoryPhoneFaxE-mail
» Fire Department 541-766-6961541-766-6938Email
Ambulance Billing 541-766-6996 541-766-6413Email
Burning Advisory 541-766-6971541-766-6938Email
Child Safety Seat Inspections 541-766-6961 Email
Emergency Dial 9-1-1  
Emergency Ambulance Service Dial 9-1-1  
Fire Emergency Dial 9-1-1  
Fire Station Tours 541-766-6961541-766-6938Email
Non-Emergency Ambulance Business 541-766-6961541-766-6938Email
Weed Abatement 541-766-6973 Email

» Corvallis-Benton County Public Library 541-766-6928541-766-6915Email
Adult Reference Desk 541-766-6793 Email
Library Administration 541-766-6928541-757-6915 
Library Circulation 541-766-6926 Email
Library Hours and Information 541-766-6927  
Youth Reference Desk 541-766-6794 Email

Parks and RecreationCategoryPhoneFaxE-mail
» Parks and Recreation Department 541-766-6918541-754-1701Email
Activities and Recreation 541-766-6918541-754-1701Email
Chintimini Senior Center 541-766-6959541-766-6785Email
City Parks 541-766-6918541-754-1701Email
Osborn Aquatic Center (Pool) 541-766-7946 541-758-5883Email

Police DepartmentCategoryPhoneFaxE-mail
» Police Department (non-emergency) 541-766-6925541-754-1722Email
Animal Control 541-766-6924541-754-1720Email
Community Services (Patrol) 541-766-6924 Email
Cops and Robbers 101 541-766-6863  
Emergency Dial 9-1-1  
Investigation and Support Services 541-766-6924 Email
Office of the Chief 541-766-6788 Email
Police Emergency Dial 9-1-1  

Public WorksCategoryPhoneFaxE-mail
» Public Works Department 541-766-6916541-766-6920Email
Airport Administration and Maintenance 541-766-6783541-766-6920Email
Bike Path / Bike Lane Maintenance 541-766-6916541-766-6920Email
Bus / Transit System Administration 541-766-6916541-766-6920Email
Bus Routes, Schedules, Info 541-766-6998541-766-6920Email
Cable Television Inquiries & Complaints 541-766-6321 Email
Corvallis Transit System 541-766-6916541-766-6920Email
CTS Lost and Found, Route Planning and Real-time Bus Information 541-766-6998  
Dial-A-Bus 541-752-2615  
Engineering - Development Review 541-766-6941 Email
Engineering - Planning & Projects 541-766-6731541-757-6951Email
Maintenance Emergencies After 5 pm, Weekends or Holidays 541-766-6913  
Maintenance Services 541-766-6916  
Rock Creek Water Treatment Plant 541-929-2636 Email
Street / Alley / Sidewalk Maintenance 541-766-6916 Email
Street Sweeping / Cleaning 541-766-6916 Email
Taylor Water Treatment Plant 541-766-6932 Email
Traffic Engineering 541-766-6916 Email
Travel Training 541-766-6916  
Vegetation Obstruction 541-766-6916 Email
Wastewater Reclamation Plant 541-766-6934 Email
Water Pressure Information 541-766-6916 Email
Water Quality, Taste, Color 541-766-6932 Email

Corvallis Transit System 541-766-6916541-766-6920Email
CTS Lost and Found, Route Planning and Real-time Bus Information 541-766-6998