City Council members are elected individually from the City's nine wards. Each of the nine City Council members serves a two-year term.

The City Council is the City’s official policy and decision-making body. Councilors meet twice per month, are members of the Budget Commission, and serve as liaisons to various advisory boards and commissions. Councilors spend an average of 10 to 15 hours per week on City business and are eligible to receive reimbursement for expenses incurred while performing official duties.

To run, candidates must be registered voters who have lived in Corvallis for at least one year. Candidates must reside within the ward they are seeking to represent at the time the nomination petition is filed and must gather 20 signatures from registered voters from within their ward.

The Mayor and City Councilors may be contacted by telephone, mail, and e-mail; please be sure to include a phone number and email address when communicating with your City Councilor.  Please note that all email sent to and from City Staff, the Mayor and City Council is considered public record and is available for inspection by the public. Email sent to the Mayor and City Council are automatically posted to an online email log.

The Mayor or City Councilor is available on most Saturdays from 10:00 am to 12 noon at the Public Library for the Government Comment Corner.

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» Mayor and City Council Mayor & City Council  Email
Brauner, HalWard 9 City CouncilorMayor & City Council(541) 766-6499 Email
Bull, BarbaraWard 4 City CouncilorMayor & City Council(541) 766-6494 Email
Ellis, CharlynWard 5 City CouncilorMayor & City Council(541) 766-6495 Email
Glassmire, BillWard 7 City CouncilorMayor & City Council(541) 766-6497 Email
Hogg, RoenWard 2 City CouncilorMayor & City Council(541) 766-6492 Email
Lytle, HyattWard 3 City CouncilorMayor & City Council(541) 766-6493 Email
Page, MarkWard 8 City CouncilorMayor & City Council(541) 766-6498 Email
Traber, BiffMayorMayor & City Council(541) 766-6985 Email
Wyse, NancyWard 6 City CouncilorMayor & City Council(541) 766-6496 Email
York, PennyWard 1 City CouncilorMayor & City Council(541) 766-6491 Email