Lodging tax return submission and payment change: 

Starting July 1st, 2017, the remittance and payment is changing form monthly to quarterly.  Below are the dates:

1st quarter - October 15th

2nd quarter - January 15th

3rd quarter - April 15th

4th quarter - July 15th

For information about the Lodging Room Tax Program, please visit the Lodging Room Tax Program page.

Making Payments

There are two ways to pay: by mail, or in person. The remittance form must be completed regardless of which payment method is used.

Remittance Form – Local lodging entities and lodging intermediaries must complete their respective remittance form and submit with the related payment no later than 15 days after quarter-end. Lodging room taxes are due no later than the 15th day of the month for the preceding quarter. For example, the transient room tax for the first quarter is would be due no later than October 15th. 

Lodging Entities Tax Return Form
Lodging Intermediaries Tax Return Form

Monthly (Note: only use for May and June)
Lodging Entities Tax Return Form
Lodging Intermediaries Tax Return form 

Exemptions - The City’s Transient Room Tax ordinance allows specific exemptions. Each exemption requires a specific form to be completed. The completed forms must be included with your transient room tax payment. 

Exemption Form - Used to document all exemptions:


Contact Information

For Payment related information please call 541.766.6949.

Program Administration - Julian Contreras - Financial Services Manager - 541.766.6729 ext 5110

Please mail any correspondence or payments to:

City of Corvallis
Attn: Finance Dept - Financial Services
PO Box 1083
Corvallis OR 97339-1083

Last updated: 6/20/2017 2:58:09 PM