The City of Corvallis is governed by a representative government organized pursuant to a Home Rule charter adopted by voters in the 19th century and subsequently amended, the last time in 2006. The Charter establishes the Council/Manager form of government to carry out local governance for the community.

The nine member City Council is elected by ward to serve a two-year term as the governing body for Corvallis. The Mayor presides at Council meetings and is elected at-large for a four-year term. Council members and the Mayor perform this community service without compensation, although the Mayor receives a stipend. The Mayor and Council provide community leadership, develop policies to guide the City in delivering services and achieving community goals, and encourage citizen awareness and involvement.

The City Council appoints the City Manager to oversee the administrative operations of the City. The City Manager is responsible for implementing Council policies using the resources appropriated by the Council. City services are delivered by ten operating departments:

All departments are headed by managers with the education, expertise and commitment to deliver quality services to Corvallis citizens.

The City Council appoints a City Attorney to advise the Council and City staff on legal affairs, to ensure that all laws are effectively enforced, to prosecute violations of City ordinances and State laws, and, when necessary, to defend the City in litigation.

The City Council appoints a Municipal Judge to preside over the Corvallis Municipal Court and ensure that cases involving municipal offenses are fairly decided in a manner consistent with community values on a timely basis.

Advisory Boards and Commissions

Citizen Participation on City of Corvallis Advisory Boards and Commissions serves two important purposes:

  1. Citizens are directly involved in their local government and can have a positive impact on the future of their community, and
  2. the City Council receives timely input and information regarding issues and potential impacts on citizens.

The various Advisory Boards and Commissions serve in an advisory capacity to the City Council within their respective areas of municipal policy. Members are unpaid volunteers who devote countless hours of their time to these community activities. Anyone living in Corvallis, employed or self-employed full-time in Corvallis, or residing within Corvallis' Urban Growth Boundary may serve on these Advisory Boards and Commissions. Typically, each term of office runs for three years; members are appointed by the Mayor and confirmed by the City Council; no individual member may serve more than three consecutive terms or nine years.

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