Officer Parrish and K9 BoltOffice Jeremy Parrish and K9 Bolt

In 1997 the Corvallis Police Department implemented the Police Service Dog Program to assist with calls for service.

Officer Jeremy Parrish and K9 Bolt make up the service dog team.  Bolt is a German Shepherd, born in Slovakia in October of 2012.  Bolt was initially trained in protection, tracking and obedience within the dog sports in Europe, and came to the United States as a titled dog.  He and Officer Parrish completed the basic K9 Handler course in November 2014.  Bolt is specifically trained and used for:

• Tracking subjects which include suspects of criminal activity,
• Trailing subjects/suspects,
• Wind scenting subjects/suspects,
• Conducting building searches where it is believed a suspect of a crime may be located,
• Locating and recovering evidence,
• Protection of officers or other persons from aggressive or dangerous persons,

• Searching for lost or missing persons.

The team train weekly with different K9 groups from around the state, and are required to annually pass the minimum State Certification Standards Test administered by the Oregon Police Canine Association.

Additionally, Officer Parrish and Bolt make formal presentations/demonstrations to community groups and law enforcement personnel. To find out more about scheduling a presentation contact
Lieutenant Todd Bailey Monday through Friday 8:00 AM until 5:00 PM at 541-766-6924.

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