Corvallis Parks and Recreation Master Plan Update

This Master Plan update focuses on immediate/short-term (1-2 years), mid-term (3-5 years), and longer-term (more than 5 years) capital development and improvement strategies that correspond to the community’s unmet needs and priority investments for critical parks and recreation services. This plan aligns available and future resources with services and commitments to include desired level of service, sustainable fiscal stewardship, and industry best practices in operating and maintain the Department’s infrastructure and providing services.  

The Master Plan Update has a number of appendices, which include:  Inventory Summary Table; Survey Summary Report; Trails Element Maps; Composite Values Methodology for Level of Service Analysis; GRASP Level of Service Perspectives and Maps; List of Low Scoring components; and Oregon State SDCs 2010 Survey Results Chart.

Parks and Recreation Cost Recovery Model - How We Manage and Allocate Resources

In September 2011, Corvallis Parks and Recreation Department began developing a Cost Recovery Model and Resource Allocation Philosophy, which includes a model, philosophy and policy based on the community's values for parks and recreation services, and the Department's mission and vision for the future.

The final Cost Recovery Plan was implemented in January of 2012, and has improved the financial sustainability of Parks and Recreation programs and services.  In addition to providing a budgeting tool for staff to accurately forecast the direct costs of programs, it also establishes minimum participation levels needed to meet to exceed cost recovery.

These goals are dynamic and will be adjusted to reflect the needs of our community over time.  Repurposing facilities, altering program designs, discontinuing programs, and effective marketing all contribute to attain financial sustainability while retaining the customer base. 

Arts and Culture Study and Strategic Plan

Corvallis Parks and Recreation hired Conservation Technix to conduct a study of arts and culture in Corvallis and help develop a strategic plan to enhance arts and culture in the community.  A copy of the final report is available for viewing and printing.

Owens Farm Management Plan

Adopted in 2004, the Owens Farm Management Plan outlines the long range plans for this property on the north edge of Corvallis.  The final Plan outlines the cultural, educational, environmental and recreations opportunities that can be developed for the benefit of the community.

Community Gardens Master Plan

Parks and Recreation, in partnership with the Corvallis Environmental Center, has developed community gardens for the benefit and enjoyment of the community.  The Community Gardens Master Plan details this partnership and how the parties work together.

Urban Forestry

Our detailed Urban Forestry Master Plan outlines how the Parks and Recreation Department manages all of the forested areas of the City.

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