Parking Enforcement Staff by their vehiclesThe Corvallis Police Department Parking Enforcement Unit's charge is to educate the community and enforce the rules for parking in the areas surrounding the Oregon State University Campus, downtown and other areas throughout Corvallis and to make parking in Corvallis a more positive experience for everyone.

Free Parking Downtown

In the downtown business district you may park free while you shop or conduct your business. The majority of free parking is a three hour time limit - the only exceptions are the meters and 15 and 30 minute time zones.

Parking Meters

City of Corvallis parking meters have the time limit posted on the side of the meter and also on the top inside the glass window. They are color coded as follows:

Green     - 24 Minute Limit
Blue        - 1 Hour Limit
Red         - 2 Hour Limit
Yellow      - 10 Hour Limit

Each meter indicates the number of minutes given for each coin deposited. A vehicle is allowed to park at a meter only for the maximum time indicated on the meter. "Meter Feeding" or returning to deposit more coins for additional time without moving your vehicle is NOT ALLOWED (Municipal Code 6.11.080).

You may received a citation if you park your vehicle in an improper manner or prohibited area. The bail for the more minor violation is $45.00. For information on paying parking tickets, please contact the Municipal Court Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM until 12:00 PM and 1:00 PM until 5:00 PM.

Residential Parking Districts

There are currently three residential parking districts in Corvallis. There are signs in each block indicating district "A" "B" or "C". Residential District A includes NW 27th Street through NW 31st Street and NW Johnson Avenue through NW Van Buren Avenue, and the 100 block of NW 33rd Street. District B includes NW 14th through NW 23rd Street and NW Monroe Avenue through the north side of NW Harrison Blvd. District C includes the alley between 6th and 7th Streets west to 9th Street and from Monroe Avenue South to Jefferson Avenue.  The time limit for parking in these districts without a permit is a maximum of two hours, one time per day. You may not leave and return later to the same district to continue your time. Once you leave the parking district, you must park your vehicle outside the district if you wish to return to the area.

Accessible Parking

The Corvallis Police Department has expanded volunteer opportunities by utilizing volunteers for Disabled Parking Enforcement. This group of volunteers issue citations to individuals that have parked in a disabled space without a permit. They have become a valuable asset to the Corvallis community and assist with implementing the community policing philosophy.

For more information contact Corvallis Parking Enforcement at 180 NW 5th Street, Corvallis or 541-766-6729 ext 5610. Other contact information includes:

  • Corvallis Municipal Court 541-766-6948
  • Corvallis Police Department 541-766-6924
  • OSU Transportation Services 541-737-2583

Parking Ticket Payments

The Corvallis Municipal Court handles all parking tickets issued by the Corvallis Police Department. If you wish to contest a parking citation you may appear in court at any regularly scheduled arraignment time within 10 days of the ticket or you may post the bail listed on the ticket along with a written explanation. (Please note: The Judge will not review any correspondence if the bail has not been posted.)

If you do not wish to contest your parking ticket you may make an immediate online payment.

Last updated: 9/25/2017 11:16:58 AM