BURNING ADVISORY - 541-766-6971 (generally updated after 8:15 a.m.)

The types of burning that generally apply to residents of Corvallis are open (or backyard) and recreational burning (described below). Different sets of regulations apply to each classification.  It is recommended that property owners speak with their neighbors prior to burning.

Please call the Fire Department at 541-766-6961 with any questions.

Open (Backyard) Burning

The City urges residents to recycle their yard debris instead of burning it. Regular customers of Allied Waste can recycle their yard waste for no additional charge. If you must burn, however, the following regulations apply:

  • Within the city limits, burning season opens April 15 and extends for 14 designated "burn days," or until June 15 (whichever comes first). There is no autumn backyard burning season in the city.  In the Rural District, the yard debris burning seasons extend from March 1 through June 15 and October 1 through December 15.
  • Designation of burn days is based upon daily environmental conditions. Between October 1 and June 15, the Oregon Department of Forestry determines whether burning will be recommended. Between June 16 and September 30, the Oregon Department of Agriculture makes that determination.
  • The Fire Department considers the burning recommendation, along with an assessment of the level of fire danger and local seasonal designations, and determines whether burning will be allowed.
  • The burning advisory phone number is 541-766-6971, and the message is updated each morning by 8:15.
  • A permit is not required for residential yard debris burning. However, this type of burning is limited to 4-plexes and smaller residences.
  • The smoke from the fire must not be dense or have a noxious odor. The resident is required to put a fire out if it creates a public nuisance.
  • The fire must be attended constantly until it is completely out.
  • A water hose or other extinguishing source must be readily available on site.
  • Burning is limited to dry yard trimmings and clippings (no household garbage).
  • The use of burn barrels is not recommended as they tend to limit the amount of oxygen available to the fire, creating more smoke than would otherwise be the case.
  • Residents wishing to complain about unclean air due to poor burning practices may call one of the DEQ regional offices: (Salem) 800-349-7677 or (Eugene) 800-844-8467.

Recreational Burning

Generally speaking, the classification "recreational fire" applies to cooking, warming, and ceremonial fires. The Fire Department recommends that those wishing to have recreational fires speak with their neighbors prior to burning.

The person wishing to burn must own the property or have the owner’s permission to burn on that property.

  • Only dry wood or wood products may be burned; yard debris, other than logs and bare branches, is not allowed for this type of burning.
  • The fire must be at least 15 feet away from any structure (as measured from the roof overhang, if any), fence line, or vegetation. If the lot is of a size to accommodate a distance of 25 feet, that additional clearance is recommended.
  • Burn mounds must be limited to 3 feet in diameter and 2 feet in height.
  • The fire must be attended constantly until it is completely out.
  • A water hose or other extinguishing source must be immediately available at the burn site.
  • Fire personnel may require cessation of burning activities which generate offensive or objectionable smoke or odor emissions, including those activities regulated by Municipal Code Section 308 - Open Flames. Examples of controlled smoke /odor activities include, but are not limited to: use of barbecue grill or pit, chiminea, open flame cooking device, incinerator, outdoor fireplace, and similar warming fires.

The Fire Department, Oregon Department of Forestry, or the State Fire Marshal’s Office can limit burning if conditions are deemed to be unsafe (e.g., during extremely hot and dry periods).

Agricultural Burning 

Agricultural burning is allowed only on a permit basis within the City. This type of burning is limited to those who derive a substantial part of their income from using their land for agricultural or livestock purposes. Farmers and agriculturalists can burn outside the city limits on any day prescribed as a "burn day."

Development / Land-Clearing Burning

Development, land-clearing, construction debris burning, and the burning of garbage (including furniture) are not permitted at any time within the city or within a 6-mile boundary around the city (which includes the entire Fire District).


Bonfires require a permit and at least one inspection.


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