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Our History



In 1922, a group of interested citizens began a fund-raising campaign to purchase the area's first ambulance (a 1922 Dodge).  Since that time, the City of Corvallis Fire Department Ambulance Service has continued to grow and change in an effort to provide the highest quality out-of-hospital care to the citizens we serve.  The Corvallis Fire Department currently provides advanced-life-support ambulance coverage of over 765 square miles of Benton and Linn Counties.


What is FireMed?GuruleInAmb

FireMed is an ambulance membership program administered by the City of Corvallis Fire Department.  For an annual membership fee of $65.00, members are able to defray or lessen the impacts of charges, co-pays, and/or deductibles associated with medically necessary emergency and non-emergency ambulance transports.

FireMed is not a medical or ambulance insurance policy.  As a result, there may be some limited situations where a portion of the expenses remain.  Please refer to your membership agreement and/or contact the FireMed office with specific questions about your situation.

 Why should I become a member?



Ambulance services have not been immune to the high costs of providing healthcare.  As a result, fees associated with out-of-hospital care and transportation continue to increase.  It is not uncommon for the cost of ambulance transport services to reach $1,500 or more.  Unfortunately, most insurance benefits seldom cover the full costs.  The FireMed program helps to reduce and/or minimize the effects of out-of-pocket expenses associated with ambulance transports.


Who is eligible to become a member?

Those residing within Corvallis Fire Department's ambulance service areas are eligible to join.

This includes:

  • Spouses and/or domestic partners
  • Dependent children who are residents of the same single-family residence
  • Dependent parents who are no longer independent and require the assistance of care givers

It does not include:

  • Roomers or boarders
  • Cooperative living arrangements

What is not covered?AmbulancePhoto

The focus of the FireMed program is to help maintain ambulance transport funding and systems support.  As a result, membership in the program will not defray costs associated with medical vans, wheelchair coaches, stretcher cars, or any non-covered or non-medically-necessary conditions where ambulance transport is used.

What if I am out of town?

Corvallis FireMed maintains reciprocal relationships with other FireMed agencies throughout Oregon.  Our partnering FireMed agencies agree to extend their membership benefits to Corvallis FireMed members if they are transported.  This makes membership far more attractive to our mobile society.  With over forty providers participating in Oregon, the FireMed programs comprise the largest ambulance membership association in the country.

 For more information, please contact:

Corvallis Fire Department    -     541-766-6961 or



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