Fire Department Personnel

The Corvallis Fire Department provides fire prevention and suppression services to the City of Corvallis, Oregon State University, and the surrounding Corvallis Rural Fire Protection District. Additionally, we provide the Advanced Life Support transport ambulance service under contract for nearly all of Benton County, a 765-square-mile area, and augment the Emergency Medical Services provided by the other fire/rescue agencies located around the County.

We also partner with Albany Fire, Lebanon Fire, and the Oregon State Fire Marshal's Office to provide a regional Hazardous Materials Response team that serves Benton, Linn, and portions of Lincoln, Polk, and Marion Counties with spill and hazard control services.

Our department is active in Fire & Life safety measures, working with the Community Development Departments of both the City of Corvallis and Benton County, to ensure that new structures and developments meet contemporary standards for fire safety.

Corvallis Fire is a combination paid and volunteer department. At the present time, this structure enables us to staff four stations within the city limits 24 / 7 with a career staff. Operations are supplemented by live-in and community-based volunteers. Located outside the city limits, the Locke Station is owned by the Corvallis Rural Fire Protection District and operated by the Corvallis Fire Department. It is staffed with a career Lieutenant and volunteers who live at the station. All stations except one have living accommodations for resident volunteers, who receive a domicile in return for their services as volunteer firefighters and EMTs.

Emergency Medical Services constitute approximately 75 percent of our calls for service each year. All of our operations staff are State of Oregon certified Emergency Medical Technicians, and more than half of those are Paramedics. Our standing orders, developed in cooperation with our Supervising Physician based at Samaritan Albany General Hospital, are among the most advanced in the nation. We strive to provide the best possible pre-hospital medical care, treatment, and transport that we can to the population served. We also offer an enrollment program (FireMed) aimed at limiting the cost of ambulance services to not more than the amount covered by insurance, and this program is reciprocal with all other fire-service-provided ambulance services, as well as a few county- and hospital-operated services, elsewhere in the state.

Lastly, we provide hazard reduction services for the City of Corvallis. These services are aimed at controlling fires and nuisances caused by overgrown vegetation.

During each 24-hour shift, each station is staffed (at a minimum) as follows:

Station 1
Battalion Chief

Stations 2, 3, and 4

The Fire Chief, Planning & Administration Division Chief, Training & Volunteers Division Chief, EMS Division Chief, and Fire Marshal are located in the Headquarters Fire Station at 400 NW Harrison Blvd.

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