Funding for CTS comes from a number of sources: State grants, Federal grants, Oregon State University, miscellaneous sources like advertising and donations, and since becoming fareless in February 2011, from the Transit Operations Fee (TOF). 

The TOF was established by the City Council in 2010. It’s collected monthly from all Corvallis utility customers - residential, commercial, non-profits, and OSU Housing and is indexed to the average price of a gallon of regular grade gasoline.  Historically, bus service was partially funded with property taxes; the TOF eliminated competition with other essential services for property tax funding and provided a stable source of local funding for matching State and federal funds.  Read answers to FAQs about the TOF in this PDF document.

  Funding Chart FY 14-15

Budgeted Revenue 15-16 * Amount Percent
 CVA/NO Revenue (509J/ASOSU)  $85,480  3%
 Transit Operations Fee  $1,141,250  38%
 OSU Contract Revenue  $172,820  6%
 Federal Operating Grant**  $988,219  33%
 STIC Funding  $567,252  19%
 Bus Ads  $21,000  1%
 Total  $2,976,021  100%


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