Corvallis Transit System (CTS) operates a fleet of 13 buses and 1 Trolley vehicle. 

CTS uses biodiesel for all of our vehicles.

The buses are manufactured by Gillig and are 35 feet long.  They hold 37 passengers, or 31 passengers with 2 passengers in secured wheelchairs. The average Some of the buses in the CTS fleet.lifespan of a Gillig bus, in miles, is 500,000.  The fuel tank capacity of these buses is 120 gallons.  All of our buses are ADA equipped with ramps and a "kneeling" function that lowers the bus to curb height, making it easier for passengers to board. Each bus has a bike rack that holds up to two bicycles.

Why such large buses?  The 35-foot bus is the appropriate size for Corvallis because:

  • We need the capacity. At peak hours of the day, each route may carry up to 60 passengers. Peak hours of the day vary according to the route. Morning peak hours range anywhere from 7:15 am to 10:15 am, and afternoon peak hours range anywhere from 2:15 pm to 5:15 pm. Unexpected ridership peaks also occur throughout the week when large groups utilize the bus system on an irregular basis.
  • Our ridership statistics indicate that transit ridership is growing.
  • Today's buses must take us into the future. The life expectancy of a bus is 500,000 miles or 12 years. The 35-foot bus is meeting today’s capacity requirements but may not be adequate as the City grows.
  • It's the most efficient. The major cost of operating a bus is not the initial cost of the vehicle. There is very little difference in cost between a 30-foot and 35-foot bus. The most expensive components of a bus do not change with the addition of five feet. The major transit system costs are attributed to ongoing operating costs, i.e., drivers, fuel, maintenance, insurance, etc. These costs do not decline significantly, if at all, by reducing the size and, therefore, the capacity of the bus to carry passengers.
  • It's the most effective. The City owns thirteen 35-foot buses. Because we have such a small bus fleet, the buses must be used interchangeably to provide service for scheduled and nonscheduled maintenance and customer service.

The CTS Trolley is fully enclosed bus that looks like a old fashioned trolley car with polished wood benches. It is 28'9" long and holds 28 passengers, or 22 passengers with 2 passengers in secured wheelchairs. The Trolley has a lift which allows passengers in wheelchairs to board and it has a well disguised bike rack on the front that can hold up to two bicycles.

Thank you for riding public transportation!

Last updated: 3/14/2017 1:59:43 PM