The Corvallis Transit System (CTS) of today began when City of Corvallis subsidized a private transit company from 1970 through January 1981. Compensation was paid to the private company from a combination of City general fund dollars and state transit funds. The service offered limited routes and operating hours.

The first CTS bus from 1973.In the late 1970's the City began looking at expanding the system and in 1979, received a state grant to purchase three buses. In May 1980, Corvallis citizens passed the first of a series of 3-year transit serial levies, and the formal municipal transit system began operating in February 1981 under CTS's first bus operations contract with the Dorsey Bus Company. 

The Dorsey bus company eventually became First Student, Inc., CTS's current contractor for bus operations.

CTS earned attention from near and far when it became fareless on February 1, 2011.  It remains fareless today.  

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