People boarding buses at DTCThe future of the Corvallis Transit System (CTS) depends largely on our funding and on the seemingly growing demands for service, which our year-over-year ridership statistics reflects. 

Some current and future projects are: 

Vehicle Information System:

CTS secured a grant to procure and employ a new Vehicle Information System (VIS) in 2014.  A Request for Proposals was conducted in late early-2013 to determine the vendor, Connexionz Ltd.  The VIS has automated passenger counting which helps us determine which stops are most heavily used, automated voice announcements, and real-time bus finding feature that allows riders to use their smart phones and computers to see exactly where their bus is on the route.  

Operations & Maintenance Facility:

A site for a proposed Operations and Maintenance Facility for CTS has been identified at the City of Corvallis Public Works facility.  The City is working to acquire federal funding to build the facility.

Service Expansion:

The Transit Operations Fee (TOF) includes money specifically set aside for funding service expansions.  When increases in the fee allows for it, CTS will implement service expansions that make sense to the needs of the system and its riders.  CTS implemented the first such service expansion on September 24, 2012.

For more information on the future on these projects and CTS, contact Tim Bates, Transit Coordinator.

Last updated: 3/15/2017 8:52:15 AM