A public hearing was held on March 30, 2005, for the City of Corvallis Citizens Advisory Commission on Transit (CACOT) to accept public comments regarding the Corvallis Area Draft Transit Master Plan (PDF). The Draft Master Plan was then presented to the Corvallis Area Metropolitan Planning Organization (CAMPO) Technical Advisory Committee on April 22, 2005.

CACOT reviewed the draft plan on May 11, 2005, and recommended it to the City Council. A status report went to the Urban Services Committee on May 17, 2005.

CAMPO based the transit section of the Regional Transportation Plan on the key elements of the Draft Transit Master Plan. The CAMPO Regional Transportation Plan was adopted in September 2006. The Draft Transit Master Plan was updated to include references to the CAMPO Regional Transit Plan. The Draft Transit Master Plan is scheduled for adoption by the City Council in December, 2007.

CACOT encourages interested parties to submit comments on the Corvallis Area Draft Transportation Master Plan (PDF). Written comments may be mailed to Public Works, City of Corvallis, P.O. Box 1083, Corvallis, OR 97339; by delivering them to City Hall; or by email. Questions? Contact Tim Bates, Transit Coordinator. Copies of the document are available for public inspection at the Adult Reference Section of the Benton-Corvallis Public Library.

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