Downtown Corvallis is an essential element of the community, contributing to the identity of the city; acting as an economic engine for sustainability and growth, and providing a place where citizens and visitors can come together to live, work, shop and recreate. Preserving and promoting the downtown has strategic value not just to downtown, but also to the entire city and neighboring communities. This vision requires a downtown that is accessible by all modes of transportation and provides adequate parking in the area for those who drive to downtown Corvallis. A two-phase Downtown Parking Study was completed in 2001 to help achieve that vision.

Phase 1 - Parking Inventory Analysis

Phase 1 of the Study, which developed the background data including surveys and public forums, concluded that the overall supply of parking is adequate to meet current and forecast demand. However, parking pressures exist for certain types of parking among particular user groups. For instance, in the retail core, customer parking within public facilities is effectively full during the weekday peak, while nearby private surface lots are generally underutilized. In addition, a considerable proportion of downtown employees reported “significant problems” with the current parking system, though the analysis of parking occupancy revealed high vacancy rates in long-term surface lots.

Phase 2- Parking Management Plan

Phase 2 of the Study focused on identifying a combination of parking management and parking supply modifications, in combination with alternative access strategies, to best address forecast parking needs in Corvallis, and ultimately recommend a strategy for meeting future parking and access needs in downtown Corvallis. The relationship between parking management and alternative transportation modes was of critical interest in the development of a parking management plan. The Downtown Parking Commission determined that increased access to downtown by non-automobile modes would be necessary to help implement the vision for Downtown Corvallis. The strategies developed in the Parking Management Plan include policy recommendations, guiding principals, near-term and ongoing management recommendations.

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Phase 1 and Phase 2 of the Downtown Parking Study may be downloaded below. 

2012 Parking Utilization Studies

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