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Corvallis has three residential parking districts:

  • District A is generally bordered on the east by Arnold Way/27th Street, on the west by 33rd, on the north by Harrison and on the south by Johnson
  • District B is from 14th Street, west to 23rd and from the north side of Monroe to south side of Harrison
  • District C is from the alley between 6th and 7th Streets west to 9th Street and from Monroe Avenue south to Washington Avenue.

To park on the street in these areas for longer than two hours requires a parking permit. The parking districts were developed to ensure adequate parking for residents. Please note, however, that even with a permit, residents are still subject to Municipal Code, which prohibits parking on any City street for longer than 48 hours.

Without a parking permit, parking is restricted to two hours, once a day, Monday through Friday, from 8:00AM to 5:00PM. Anyone parking longer than two hours within either district will be issued a $50.00 parking citation. Also, those parking for more than one two-hour period will be issued a citation. In other words, you cannot park for two hours, leave, come back and park in the district for another two hours. Residents should advise guests of this requirement. Parking enforcement will issue citations. Municipal Code 6.15 Residential Parking Permit Districts.

Permit Guidelines

  1. Each residence address is allowed a maximum of three permits.
  2. Permits are $25 each and are valid for one year, from September 1st through August 31st. New permits must be purchased each year.
  3. Permits issued for one district are not valid in the other two. For example, District A permits are not valid in either District B or District C.
  4. Municipal Code states the permit must be attached to the left rear bumper or the lower left corner of the back window of the vehicle. Parking enforcement will issue a citation if it is not displayed in one of these two locations.
  5. Residents may not buy a permit for one car and put it on another. If you sell the vehicle, remove the permit and bring it to Corvallis Public Works, 1245 NE 3rd Street. Upon surrender of the old permit, a new one will be issued at no charge. Please note that the old permit must be returned.
  6. Residential parking permits do not apply to parking meters. If you park at a parking meter, you must put money in the meter.

Permit Application

To obtain a residential parking permit for Districts A, B, or C, bring the following items to Corvallis Public Works, 1245 NE 3rd St.:

  • Proof of residence within the district (Acceptable forms of proof include a rent or lease agreement, utility bill, bank statement, OSU mail, or paystub. Driver's license, personal mail, and magazines are not acceptable.)
  • Vehicle registration 
  • Current driver's license 
  • Means to pay the $25.00 permit fee (cash, check, debit card, VISA/MasterCard/Discover)

Daily Temporary Parking permits are available at Public Works, 1245 NE 3rd Street, for guests visiting residences in any of the districts for more than two hours.

For questions about the requirements for visitor permits or the yearly resident permits, please contact Public Works at 541-766-6916.

Residential Parking District Formation or Expansion Process

Current parking districts can be expanded, and new districts can be added. The Residential Parking District Formation Process provides the information necessary for expanding and adding districts.

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