Enhancing bike facilities and improving bicyclists' safety are two key components of a viable alternate transportation system. The City takes great efforts to maintain bike facilities at acceptable levels. The City’s 60 miles of bike lanes are maintained on an ongoing, year-round basis. All bike lanes are swept at least once per month, except during the Fall Leaf Collection Program (November/December) when they are swept twice a week. All painted bike lane markings are redone annually, and pot hole patching and other problems are responded to as quickly as possible.

Corvallis also boasts 13 miles of multi-use paths, which are off-street, paved surfaces used by pedestrians as well as bicyclists. Multi-use paths are swept 4 times a year.

Pavement Marking

There are a variety of pavement markings that are used to define bike lanes. These markings are renewed annually either through painting or applying new pavement tape. Buttons are another form of pavement marking, but they are replaced as needed rather than on a regular replacement schedule.

To report problems with the condition of a bike lane or path, please contact us.
Last updated: 9/20/2012 12:19:24 PM