Fire Inspections - The City Fire Code (CMC Chapter 7.08) requires that all occupancies, other than one- and two-family residences, be inspected on a frequent basis for fire safety and conformance with the Fire Code. Fees are charged only when business or property owners do not correct Fire Code violations that have been identified during an inspection.

The inspections are performed by both fire prevention officers and on-duty firefighters who remain on call for emergency responses. They look for such hazards as obstructed exit ways, substandard electrical wiring and equipment, unsafe storage practices, and fire protection systems that are not in working order. Another important aspect of the inspections process is to educate the building or business owner about fire safety and how to respond appropriately in an emergency situation.

Home fire safety inspections are available by request and can be scheduled by calling 541-766-6961.

Fire Investigations - Oregon statute requires the investigation of all fires to determine the origin, cause, and other factors that may have contributed to ignition and growth. The resulting data is used to identify trends, develop public education programs, identify product deficiencies, and to determine whether fire was the result of criminal activity.

A qualified investigator is available 24 / 7 to respond to fire scenes, investigate the cause and other factors, and work with the suppression crews, law enforcement, insurance companies, and private investigators.

If you have experience a fire:

  • Please do not enter the structure until its structural and environmental safety has been determined.
  • Contact your insurance company.
  • Arrange to secure the property following its release by fire personnel.

To request a copy of the investigation report, call 541-766-6961.


Fire Prevention encompasses a wide array of other programs and services as well, including:

Please call us at 541-766-6961 if you need additional information.


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