A Corvallis Police Department Crime Prevention Program

When: The first Tuesday of August every year


National Night Out


What is National Night Out?

To show their stand against crime, every year Neighborhood Watch groups throughout Corvallis and all across the country celebrate National Night Out on the first Tuesday of August. The purpose is to forge active crime prevention efforts in neighborhoods, strengthen community-police partnerships, and develop better social and communication ties among neighbors. It is also a good time to discuss and develop solutions to neighborhood issues.

Real program success, for your Neighborhood Watch group, is up to you and your neighbors. And that means the social component is key to making Neighborhood Watch work. The more that you and your neighbors get to know and talk with each other, the more you will take ownership of your neighborhood and look out for each other. So it is important to have neighborhood events such as National Night Out and other social functions during which social ties are strengthened and neighborhood issues are discussed.

We recommend that your Neighborhood Watch group gets together for National Night Out and at least three other times a year -- even if it is just for coffee and cookies and a half-hour of hellos and, "Did you know…"

Over 34 million Neighborhood Watch members in some 10,000 communities participate in National Night Out, America's night out against crime. Participating in this event is a great way for you and your neighbors to unite with the Corvallis Police to show criminals that you are in charge of your neighborhood and that crime is not tolerated in the City of Corvallis.

What Happens?

Neighborhood Watch groups hold an evening event of some kind, typically a pot luck or an ice cream social. Starting in June, groups register their parties with the Corvallis Police Department to be on the list for a visit by a Corvallis Police Officer. Officers and Corvallis Police Cadets hand out party favors as they make their visits and kids (and adults) can climb into the patrol cars. Prizes are awarded to neighborhoods with exceptional parties. And McGruff the Crime Dog visits as many parties as he can get to.

Police officers visit all Neighborhood Watch events registered with the Department for National Night Out. Corvallis Police are committed to the philosophy of community policing and, by coming to National Night Out parties, officers make a personal connection with the people they serve. It is a chance for Corvallis residents and police officers to get to know each other. And it is a unique setting for residents to talk with their officers about their concerns and to ask questions about police-related issues.

How Do I Register?

To register your event for a police officer visit, beginning in June, just send us an e-mail at Neighborhood Watch (preferred) or you can call 541-766-6863. Be sure to include:

  • host's name
  • host's phone number
  • event address the time your party starts
  • and whether you would like for McGruff the Crime Dog to visit.

How Do I Get A Street Closure Permit?

Neighborhood Watch groups can obtain a permit from the City of Corvallis to close off their streets for their parties by calling City Hall at 541-766-6941. Permits are due one month in advance of the event. But remember that registering your party with the Police Department and filing a street closure permit are separate events.

How Do I Start A Neighborhood Watch Group?

If you do not have a Neighborhood Watch group in your neighborhood and would like to start one, you can learn more about the program at this link to the program's web page or you can contact us at Neighborhood Watch and we will help you.

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