MEET YOUR CORVALLIS POLICE - cops & robbers class #38 starts April 5, 2017

The Cops and & Robbers Program is like an extended Police Department open house: you will get to know your police officers in person, and from traffic law enforcement to drug trafficking to homicide investigations, you will learn about crime in Corvallis and how the Corvallis Police Department conducts its business of serving and protecting your community.

Why Should I Enroll? 

As a participant, you will see first-hand the way Corvallis Police enforce laws and otherwise go about their jobs. You will come to understand how they are governed by Corvallis community values as expressed through public fora, laws, ordinances, and the ways in which courts prosecute cases. You will also learn about the myriad of services your police provide in addition to solving crimes, catching crooks, and managing traffic.

The Corvallis Police Department wants to reach everyone, from people just curious about what their police department does, to people thinking about law enforcement careers, to those who hold negative or adversarial views of police and law enforcement.

Corvallis Police practice community policing meaning they encourage all residents to be informed and take an active part in crime prevention and police policy decisions. Do you have critical opinions about Corvallis Police? Do you think Corvallis Police are biased or treat some people differently than others? If you do, the Department wants you to attend and engage in discussion; bring up tough questions and get straight answers.

Though subjects are serious, classes are relaxed. Often the best way for instructors to get a point across is to relate personal experiences. So you will hear lots of cop stories. Some are incredulous, some are poignant and heart-rending, and some are unbelievably funny, but all happened in real life right here in Corvallis. 


Classes meet from 6:00 to 9:00 on ten Wednesday evenings, April 5 to June 7. There is also one full-day class on a Saturday. This is the emergency vehicle operation class that includes an exhilarating behind-the-wheel experience for you to drive a patrol car on the Department's training course. The whole program is free, including treats.

Program Objectives

Classes are designed to give each person:

  • An understanding of the community policing philosophy, how it relates to the way the Department functions, and how it relates to the services that Corvallis Police provide.
  • General knowledge of the criminal justice system and the role your Department has in it.
  • An awareness of what it is like to be a police officer and an insight to the daily challenges that officers deal with.
  • Knowledge of crime prevention initiatives and how to be active in community policing.
  • An opportunity to have answered all questions you have about police policies and practices.
  • An opportunity to raise concerns and discuss community issues. An opportunity to ask about law enforcement careers and employment with Corvallis Police or other law enforcement agencies.


Applications: Access application here Or you can pick up a printed application at the Law Enforcement Center, 180 NW 5th Street, Corvallis, Oregon, 97330.  To be selected, applicants must pass a background check and those under 18 must be accompanied in class by a parent or guardian.  Participants wanting to drive a patrol vehicle during the EVOC class must possess a valid driver's license.


E-mail us at Cops & Robbers or call 541-766-6863.



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