OSU and Corvallis Fire work closely to provide students with a fire-safe campus.  Fire Prevention Officer Jim Patton spends most of his time on campus performing inspections, providing fire-safety education, performing investigations, issuing permits, consulting on construction projects, helping to manage safety-related concerns for special events, assisting with evacuation plans and drills, and working with Campus Operations to help manage OSU's fire protection systems.


 Online Forms  Event Registration Form 
   Fire Drill Report Form
   Self-Inspection Checklist 
 Printable Forms  Application for Permit
   Candle Permit
   Haunted House Permit
                           Public Assembly Permit
   Fire Safety Award Point Values
 Guidelines & Plans  Sample Evacuation Plan 
   Lesson Plan - House Fire Safety Training
   Fire Training Attendance Report
   Fire / Life Safety Guidelines for Social Events
   Party - Event Registration Process
   Fire Inspection Report
   Fire Safety Responsibilities - Greek / Co-op Housing
   Basic Information for Housing Groups
   General Fire Safety Information
   Greek Housing Self-Inspection Checklist
 Greek Fire Safety Sheets  Emergency Lights and EXIT Signs
   Event Registration and Party Safety
   Fire Alarm Procedures
   Fire Drills
   Fire Extinguishers
   Fire Protection Systems
   In-House Fire Safety Training
   Kitchen Fire Safety Precautions
   Recreational Fires
 Fire Safety Presentations  Greek Fire Safety Workshop
 College Fire Safety Videos  Campus Fire Safety
   Get Out and Stay Alive
   Phi Gamma Delta Fire
   Fire Safety and Alcohol
   Live Fire Demo
Links to Related Sites   Campus Fire Watch
   Campus Fire Safety
   City of Corvallis Rental Housing Program
   NFPA Campus and Dorm Fires
   CPSC Fire Safety Guide
   National Fire Sprinkler Association
   US Fire Administration Campus Fire Safety
   igot2kno College Fire Survival
   Higher Ed Fire Safey
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